Monday, July 28, 2014

RUSK freezing spray from the Las Vegas CosmoProf show

Hi ya Gorgeous!

I've just tested this new humidity resistant hairspray in an ocean side city with sweaty, damp headed clients.

 What do you think happened?

Safe to say-hair styles held up and kept their form and if it weren't for the rough house nature of the event, it may have lasted a bit longer.

I received a sample of Rusk Freezing Spray at the Las Vegas CosmoProf event.

I tried it a bit on myself but didn't really have any hair styles to really test the product.

Enter the San Diego Comic Con zombie walk.

I used this product on all kinds of hair styles and even a few skin patches too. It worked.

Find your can at your local Ulta store!

Here's a bit from the website:
WHAT IS IT? RUSK® Freezing Spray (Humidity-Resistant Hairspray)
WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who desires extreme, long-lasting hold.
WHAT DOES IT DO? Quick-drying hairspray that delivers powerful shape, definition and shine for all-day extreme hold. Humidity resistant. Will not build up or fade color. Flake-free.
HOW DO YOU USE IT? After achieving desired style, spray over entire head to lock in style and lock out humidity.

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