Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Under the Dome Season 2: say hello to July with Laura Mercier

Hello Gorgeous!
Welcome to July. Wow, this summer is going so fast!

Did you watch the Season 2 opener written by Stephen King for Under the Dome last night? I did.

And for the viewing party I had on my new Laura Mercier tighliner and weightless lip color along with some favorite staples!

So it seems Jim Rennie played by Dean Norris (Breaking Bad baby!), Dale Barbie (Mike Vogel) and Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre) are up to the usual Dome antics.

I'm glad I watched, it was good, I loved the writing and could tell the nuance of Stephen King having written this first episode. Now, next week will be the tell tale sign of either sending this to Netflix for later viewing or tuning in each week. So far, it's looking lke a Netflixer.

So let's talk Laura Mercier Tightline cake eye liner in Forest green and the best everyday lip color ever, Cozy Creme!

 These goodies are perfect for an Independence Day party, everyday work, and photos or special occassions. The Laura Mercier line is known for classic beauty, value and effectiveness. Such as, the Forest Green tightline cake eyeliner wears all day once applied! The weightless lip color is rich on the lip and wears with a moisturizing effect. I just got these colors for summer, though I'm telling you they scream Fall!

 Here I am all made up in a natural yet defined look for the Under the Dome viewing party!
 I love this Forest Green color and the only way it could be any better is if it were Eggplant Purple!
You can purchase at Sephora or Niemen's and even online for $23.00

 The Laura Mercier Cozy Creme weightless lip color is $25.00 and one of the best neutral everyday colors. It's screaming Fall to me, but I'm wearing it now in the summer. Get it online or at Sephora and Nordstroms.

These are all my staples and favorites in the Laura Mercier line, the compacts I travel with constantly!
From left to right in the photo: Cozy Creme lipstick, Bronzer 01, Powder foundation, Tightline in Forest Green= awesome!

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