Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Maritime Museum: something for #SDCC down time-if you have any!

Hello Gorgeous!
Do you have your 2014 San Diego Comic Con schedule completely full?

If there is an ounce of wiggle room I encourage you to visit the Maritime Museum! It can take anywhere from all day to a half day to just an hour or two to see the new tattoo exhibit in the bottom of the Berkeley.

All photos are me taking pictures of the exhibit on the Berkeley at the Maritime Museum and belong to Kathryn Mussallem.

So why should you go see the tattoo exhibit?

Because it's awesome! Also because my family loves the Maritime! We have annual passes to be members and we don't even live in California.

 This is an explanation of what the sailor tattoo means.

 A quote from the photographer who does photos for the Navy.

 Some of these are inspiring me to quell my tattoo itch...

 I love the meanings, artwork and inspiration of these tattoo photos of Navy sailors.

 Whoa-just look at this early tattoo equipment-it sure has come along way!

 There are many photos to look at and this is a schematic of the photos and who they belong to and where they were taken by photographer Kathryn Mussallem.

 I love the old skool look and feel of this tattoo sign in it's artwork, image and feel! Such history!

The next few photos are from the exhibit on the Berkeley at the Maritime Museum in San Diego. Go see!

 The thing I enjoy most about the sailor tattoos is that almost all of them have a deeper meaning, and significance, with many of them giving thanks to God for their safety. Well said sailors!

 And here is my lil sailor onboard the Dolphin submarine at the Maritime. There are many ships and 2 submarines that you can tour. It's so worth a visit for yourself and your family.

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