Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jose Eber Beaute Cheveux-The Conditioner Available via HSN

Well hello Gorgeous,
Today I write to share with you about a new product line from master celebrity stylist Jose Eber. 

It's called Beaute Cheveux-The Conditioner and it's available on HSN. I remember watching whatever tv celebrity entertainment show there was 20 years ago and seeing Jose Eber on the show. He was doing all of the stars like Cher, Farrah Fawcett and Elizabeth Taylor.

Wow, I wish I could have Jose Eber do my hair! His website has several examples of styles and colors that are available, oh to be in that chair!

I am in desperate need of a cut and color!!!

Now, back to Beaute Cheveux - the mousse conditioner that has a lovely scent!
First, please note, that this is not meant to be a leave in conditioner. I made the mistake of not reading the instructions, and when I saw the can and mousse like apparatus. So naturally I just put a golf ball size pile of foam in my palm and put it in my hair.

Well that made a stringy mess!

So the next time I used in the shower. I have thin, wavy hair that is slightly unruly. I really, really wanted to like this product, but besides the scent, I found my hair was a bit sticky, not slick, and did not feel conditioned.

It was missing the 'slip' feeling. I read some reviews that said it needs to be paired with a wide tooth comb in the shower to reach all strands of hair.

Say what?

I did saturate my hair with the product, left it in for a few minutes and then rinsed. Hmm, just didn't feel like I had conditioned my hair. Blow drying was a not so fun mess. I had to add a good dollop of leave in conditioner from a different brand to get the brush to run through my hair with the blow dryer.

So, for me-I have given it to my mom who has very thin and fine hair. I suspect for her, this lightweight conditioner will be a good match!

To get yours, visit

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