Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Frugal Like A Fox newsletter: what busy moms need in this back to school time!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Back to school is in full swing here. Oh the list of school supplies! I homeschool, and even our list was quite pricey at the local store.

I just found a new website and newsletter with really useful and practical money saving tips.

The Frugal Fox newsletter is well laid out, easy to read and I bet you will learn something new in this inaugural issue!

 You can visit Fifi the Frugal Fox on Facebook here:

Or better yet, sign up now at the Frugal Like a Fox webpage here!

The newsletter is delivered in your email so you can view it at home or on your mobile device.
What I like best about it is the timely and relevant information that I can use to save money right now!

Here's a short video review to introduce you to more of what the Frugal Fox can teach you!

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