Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ipsy Thirsty Thursday with Smashbox Cosmetics and Davis Factor: the recap

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Saturday!

 Last week I visited with Ipsy at the Open Studio location and this is the result!

The Ipsy Thirsty Thursday was home to Smashbox Cosmetics and Davis Factor.

Get ready! Get set! Go Smashbox!

 I drove out from Arizona to Ipsy for a meeting of the minds and find the right studio location for the new series!

It was so good to meet the other vloggers. I do stress vloggers. It seems that I am the last of a dying breed of beauty bloggers who actually writes a daily post!

I've been recommended to move to Tumblr and do a more photo centric blogging experience and I am considering it, though in the meantime, I'm on the daily grind of posting fresh beauty content daily right here on Makeup University.

Below is a video review of my experience at the Ipsy OS Thirsty Thursday with Smashbox Cosmetics and then some photos courtesy of the talented Davis Factor.

  I admit. I fan girled a bit. Max Factor, the man  behind makeup in Hollywood is the great great grandfather of Davis.
The Max Factor makeup legacy lives through Davis and his company Smashbox Cosmetics!

Now it's time for a video

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