Friday, August 21, 2015

Mastey Paris Color Protection Restorative shampoo/conditioner & treatment

Hello Gorgeous,

TGIF! Thank God it's Friday!
Shabbat Shalom too! Well, sort of. I'm traveling. My Instagram and Twitter will have road trip pics!

In the meantime, I have new hair. I normally wear dark brown in the Fall/Winter and then a bit lighter in the summer-though this year, things have been, well-they've been different.

I do not have access to my normal hairstylist Star, and the other stylists I have been to nearby did a less than likeable job.

So for the sake of my hair and scalp, this time around, I did my own. Yass! I foiled my own hair!

Luckily for my hair cuticle I had just received my samples of Mastey Paris Color Protection Shampoo, Restorative Mask and Oil Treatment.
My hair needs it after the at home bleach and toner job I did on it!

It's ridiculous and I highly recommend that you do NOT do this on your own.

Seriously. Timing the foils, and the bleach, and the application, and the "cooking" time was intense!
I did not have any breakage, but I certainly have some weird over cooked spaghetti noodle texture to my hair now.

 This restorative mask from Mastey Paris I did in between treatments to try and baby my hair from one process to the other.

Before I started all of this at home bleaching stuff- I saturated my hair with the oil treatment and left it on for several hours before bleaching. Why? Because I was desperate to protect my hair! It was/is full of a year of dark brown ( Level 3) color!

 In short, right now, I like my hair. I have the warm brown all over, a few dark brown low lights and some reddish highlights. I wanted new hair for the new season I am in and I got it. Though I sure wish I would have gotten it from the professionals!

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