Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Soap & Paper Factory lip balms for LBD & BTS

Hello Gorgeous,

Oh it's back to school season alright. Just when I thought we would get a nice, slow, review, and ease into the curriculum, nope: it's full steam ahead!

So as the school is flowing, we are traveling and a million other things are happening, like what is akin to drinking from a fire hydrant; there are little joys to enjoy along the way.

It's no secret I am a huge fan of The Soap & Paper Factory and they have really out done themselves with these beautiful, old school, lip balm tins with mirrors and class!

 This is the Blood Orange flavor and it's pure moisture on the mouth. This tin is so cool my son has commandeered it!
From the Soap & Paper Factory website:

"Oh my!!  Our Lip Butters are packed with Shea Butter, and totally emollient!  We offer three fragrances, each made with PURE essential oils.  Our butters are long lasting, and will keep your kisser soft and supple.   A sweet, vintage inspired design comes with a mirror!!  They are so cute!!".

 It's ok that my son has taken the Blood Orange flavor for himself because the Limoncello is more my style, flavor and taste! These are hand crafted, made in the USA and wonderful. Get some for yourself and your travels whether back to school or Labor Day related because you will be glad you did!
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