Wednesday, August 12, 2015

emerginC complexion perfection: what traveling skin needs to be photo ready

Hi ya Gorgeous,

Phew! No complaints or complaining-though the whirlwind travel is taking it's toll! It's up early, go all day, up late, one busy appointment to another while squeezing in the homeschool schedule! Nuts!

 I've got this in my purse for when I'm tired,dehydrated, grumpy and need to look fresh and rested!

It's the emerginC Complexion Perfection roller ball of goodness! This convenient purse size is just $80.00 and a lil bit goes a long way!
An instant skin transformation serum with potent concentrations of alpha-lipoic acid, retinol and Siberian sea buckthorn extract to help instantly improve skin tone and texture. Skin is left feeling incredibly silky and radiant.

Speaking of travel, this sweet product has gone empty on this trip. I recently changed my hair from the normal dark, dark brown, to a warm nutmeg. It's a bit backwards because normally I wear light hair for the summer and dark the rest of the year. But with the new video series, I wanted a fresh look. Stay tuned for the nutmeg hair!

I'm taking good care of my nutmeg hair with the Nexxus Encapsulate serum.
It's a hair saver for damaged, bleached and highly chemically treated hair!

So sad that it's empty now! It was worth every little pump!

  • Enriched with a Caviar Complex and 100% pure
  • This sophisticated blend marks the first time in the world concentrated conditioning oil has been encapsulated into pearls and suspended in a water-based rebuilding serum rich in nutrients and pure protein
  • Fused together this weightlessly powerful blend targets damaged hair by intelligently reconstructing within and repairing hair progressively, smoothing the fibre surface to bring it back to its pre-damaged state
 Get yours on Amazon or in fine hair salons.
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