Saturday, August 15, 2015

Royal Canadian Laboratories Mineral Water Spray: what a hot summer day needs!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

When I left California on Friday, they were having an "extreme heat warning" and it was beyond humid.

I got home to Arizona and here too we have "extreme heat warning"!

This summer got off to a very slow start though now Mother Nature  is making up for it  with days on end of extreme heat!

So that means that the skin is irritated and itchy and makeup is melting right off, right?

Well, not necessarily.

Meet Royal Canadian Laboratories Mineral Water Spray with Selenium.

This brand of mineral water spray has a gentle mist full of skin healing Selenium that helps strengthen skin not to mention the benefits of an instant blast of coolness to help soothe hot, irritated skin.

The best mineral water spray should be the product with the shortest list of ingredients. This face spray is naturally sourced and contains beneficial nutrients that are like food for the skin and they are free of damaging toxins.

Some additives used by big cosmetic brand are animal fats, petrochemicals and parabens which are not what humans should allow to absorb into the skin. The pureness and simplicity of a mineral water spray creates the morning skincare regimen an easy and healthful start to the day.

I've got a short review for you here of Royal Canadian Laboratories mineral water spray. Enjoy!

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