Friday, August 7, 2015

VCNY is what your BTS shopping needs: freshen back to school attitudes with new textiles plus a $1000 giveaway on Facebook

Hi ya Beauty!
 It's "BTS" : the Back to School season and that can mean many changes for the new school year and sometimes, it goes beyond just backpacks, writing supplies and new clothes.

Sometimes a change up is needed in the house and a quick and easy way to update a school kids room or your own is by mixing up the textiles.

Sheets, drapes and towels that is!


 Meet VCNY for an affordable way to update your home textiles.

This brand started out as Victoria Classics and has been a leader in home textiles for many years.

They have recently rebranded themselves with a new name, VCNY.

( Be sure and visit the VCNY Facebook page for a change to win prize money towards new textiles)

Details for the $1000 Facebook VCNY giveaway:
The contest is very simple:
- The person has to like the "VCNY Home" Facebook page in order to be eligible.
- The contest ends on September 14, 2015
- The winner will receive a bedding set, window set, and bath set. 
The winner will also receive a $1000 Visa gift card
- For legal purposes, the contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media outlet.

VCNY works with many brand names such as Jane Seymour, Clairebella, and Overstock, just to name a few.

Learn more and shop the VCNY style here:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Instagram: @vcnyhome
- Pinterest:

 You can change an entire room by a simple set of sheets or window dressings. Why not make a fresh start in the home today with VCNY!

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