Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pravana NEVO hair care: what summer hair needs

Hi ya Gorgeous!
What a whirlwind of a summer!
We are officially back in school. The Arizona summer heat is still here. The schedule is back to full steam ahead!

I'm in deep need of a salon day for my hair but there are no trips to Tempe or Vegas scheduled! So here at home I'm using the Pravana NEVO color enhancer treatment in cocoa brunette and the Pravana NEVO Intense Therapy leave-in treatment to keep my hair looking somewhat decent while I wait for a salon appointment. 

Meet Pravana!

 Good hair products make the biggest difference in maintaining your salon hair color and cut. Pravana is one of those lines of hair care products that nourish and heal chemically processed hair!

 Pravana NEVO Color Enhancer treatment in Cocoa Brunette: has an nice slip and feel to the product and on the hair has a pleasant scent and leaves a good amount of color pigment on the hair. I do notice when I wash my hair that it runs off so it makes a coating on the hair shaft. My hair was not sticky or crunchy but actually very supple and smooth with that added color boost.
  • Maintains the brillance of color between salon visits with every conditioning treatment.
  • Intensifies or neutralizes tone.
  • Imparts brilliant color, glossy shine and strength.
  • Five shades to choose from.

 Pravana NEVO Intense Therapy leave in treatment: I love this spray! It's two parts on the inside and needs a good shaking to mix the parts together. Then spray on hair wet or dry. I love the scent, the feel and knowing that I have an added layer of heat protection and conditioner on my hair.
  • Contains Jojoba, Algae, Sunflower and Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter: Infuses hair with vital moisture while protecting hair from heat styling.
  • Contains Naturceutical Complex: Infuses dry hair with moisture from nine different botanical extracts. Conditions and soothes scalp. Builds body and fullness from the inside out. Provides shine, strength and elasticity. Ensures long-lasting hair color with shine.

 You can find Pravana products online at Amazon, or at Pravana.com

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