Saturday, October 17, 2015

Compeed Blister Cushions and the Red Bull Air Show in Las Vegas

Happy Saturday!
I have ventured on from Santa Monica to Las Vegas for the RedBull Air Races.
Long story, I have a gig there.
I'm really looking forward to it and experiencing the air show.
I love car and motorcycle racing, so this should be some adventure!

 Now, while I am out at the Las Vegas Motorspeedway, I will be wearing a relatively high heel to match with my Red Bull wardrobe. Oy.

 I have a sample of the Compeed Blister Cushion and this should help things a bit. You see, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, is one big cement, granite, gravel, sort of paved area and it's far. Everything, is really far from everything!

So, I will be testing these over the weekend and will let you know on Twitter and Instagram how things go!

COMPEED® Blister Extreme Cushions

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COMPEED® Blister Extreme Cushions fit like a second skin and stay in place for several days. **
In the meantime, here's some details about Compeed Blister Cushions available at major drugstores nationwide!

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