Sunday, October 4, 2015

Explosion Luck Feng Shui jewelry for everyday living

Hello Gorgeous!

Now is a great time to start updating your Fall fashion and accessories. 
Explosion Luck is a lifestyle brand specializing in Feng Shui art and Feng Shui jewelry which is a perfect way to wear art as a lifestyle and fashion.

Buy remarkable Tibetan thangka pendant necklace Avalokiteshvara. This feng shui water drop-shaped crystal pendant, 1.63" x 1.19", is available for sale in our Feng Shui jewelry collection. Wear it close to your heart.
To derive even more benefits from this wearable art jewelry and to be in tune with your wearable art jewelry, consider decorating your office and home walls with the following Tibetan thangka tapestries:
Avalokiteshvara on Navy Blue and Gold Background;

Avalokiteshvara on Sky Blue Background;

Avalokiteshvara with a Teal Halo

Avalokiteshvara with a Green Halo on Blue Background.

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Each piece is a unique work of art and perfect for gift giving and personal enjoyment. The prices are affordable and continental USA shipping is included.
Start thinking of who needs a perfect stocking stuffer now with these beautiful Feng Shui jewelry pieces!

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