Friday, October 23, 2015

Sebamed: how to embrace barrier support and get healthy skin

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To add to it, I have some fun skincare products to play with and show you. Meet Sebamed.
If you are international, you know them. If you are in the United States, you may have only learned about them in the past few years.
So let's look at the Sebamed a bit more in depth!

For severe dry skin, swimmers who are in the pool chlorine constantly and those with eczema or psoriasis, Sebamed has itch relief and dry patch relief for you!

In the dermatology department at the University of Bonn, Dr. Heinz Maurer observed skincare patients’ struggle with soap and was significantly impacted by it. He was inspired to look for a better way of life for those with problematic skin. Dr. Maurer experienced success with soap-free tensidic wash products, and his research eventually lead to an incredibly exciting breakthrough in cleansing problem skin: 

Our skin has a slightly acidic natural barrier layer called the acid mantle!

Dr. Maurer found that skincare products that were formulated at a pH level of 5.5 actually helped restore that natural barrier. This is dramatically different from soap’s pH, which contributes to the skin’s breakdown because it’s either too basic or acidic.

Now from left to right is the hand and nail cream, the body lotion and the large size of cleanser.
Used together in a system is a simple solution to healing long standing skin challenges.

The most popular wash, the Liquid Face & Body Wash is a versatile cleanser for sensitive skin. Because it is so gentle, you can use it as a shower gel, hand wash and daily face cleanser – all in one bottle. It hydrates and moisturizes, restoring your natural pH balance and helping your skin to heal itself.

Strengthen brittle nails and revitalize dry hands at the same time with our Hand & Nail Balm. Hypoallergenic and full of vital nutrients like keratin, it soothes your skin while fortifying your nails – without any unpleasant fragrance or greasiness.

For those with acne prone skin, Sebamed has a simple system to help heal the blemishes while also providing moisture to the skin.
Rebalance and rejuvenate oily skin with our Clear Face Deep Cleansing Facial Toner. It fully clarifies your pores of the impurities that cause acne. Many toners can actually strip away your skin’s protective layer over time, but ours is different. Because it’s made with a special complex of moisturizing ingredients and pH 5.5, it deeply cleanses, soothes and restores the natural barrier of your skin. Sebamed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Facial Toner (150mL) gently cleanses the face removes excess sebum, oil and dirt. It offers antibacterial action and is therefore extremely effective in preventing the development of pimples. Panthenol encourages skin regeneration and hamamelis soothes it. Silk proteins and allantoin act as moisturizers. The pH value of 5.5 encourages the natural protective acid mantle and takes biological action against bacteria causing acne. 

Our Clear Face Care Gel targets your breakouts, helping to heal your acne without damaging or drying out your skin. Specially formulated to balance out your skin’s pH level, it hydrates and moisturizes your facial skin while protecting it against bacteria. Use it along with the rest of our Clear Face line to enjoy a total face care regiment.Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel is the ideal basic dermatological care product for dealing with pimples, blackheads and blemishes. Active moisturizing factors such as hyaluronic acid and natural aloe barbadensis give the skin plenty of moisture. Precious allantoin and panthenol soothe and care for the skin, making it soft and supple.

Deeply moisturize your skin with our classic body lotion, soothing irritations like itchy and dry skin. Free of parabens and hypoallergenic, it restores moisture to even the most sensitive of skin types. Plus, the pH 5.5 formulation works to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and better skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and more.

New Formula, New Look, Same great quality! Dermatologist developed, this nourishing, non-irritating formula is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. Rapidly absorbed and non-greasy, it restores your skin's moisture balance, providing natural protection from the elements. Enriched with chamomile extract and allantoin to soothe and moisturize. Regular use tones the natural elasticity of your skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance.  

You can find Sebamed products online at or at Costco! 
Any of these products make for a perfect gift to give this holiday season.

So, which is your favorite Sebamed product?
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