Friday, October 2, 2015

STM: protecting your digital cargo in style!

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Do your weekend plans involve a wee trip somewhere? Will you be packing your tablet or kindle?

STM Bags from Australia are a perfect way to tote your electronics safely in style!

Oh if only my old skool jumbo laptop that still runs a version of Windows from five years ago-that brick of a laptop does not fit in here! My tablet and cell phone, and kindle all fit, but not my 22 pound laptop!

Not a fan of typical computer bags? Slim things down a bit with the Deluxe Sleeve, and carry just your laptop and a few daily essentials. The main compartment cradles your laptop in a protective foam and plush, super soft lining, and the magnetised front flap allows for a clean and easy access. The front zippered pocket is perfect for pens, mobile phones, cards and more! 

*Main compartment cradles your laptop in protective foam and plush, super soft lining
*Magnetized front flap for a clean look and easy access
*Front zippered pocket for pens, mobile phone, cords, etc.

*Tote straps make it easy to grab and sling over your shoulder
*Sized to fit the form factor of all current MacBook 13 inch offerings (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina) as well as many other 13" ultra book designs

I do a bit more of a demonstration in the September Favorites Roundup video!

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