Monday, October 5, 2015

Thin Tea detox tea plan: how to prepare for the holidays

Hello Gorgeous!
 Oh the wonders of a being a beauty blogger.
I am surprised and delighted to receive a sample of a detox program from Thin Tea of Australia.

 Oh what perfect timing because the holiday season is about to hit fifth gear!
Now let's learn more about Thin Tea!

The Thin Tea website has a lot of pictures in panties showing weight loss and also resources for an eating plan and even a Sleepy Slumber tea which I am curious to order because I always need something to help me sleep through the night!

For me, October 4th, Sunday, (yesterday...) was my first tea experience. I have 28 days to go. The plan is to have the 2 teas, once each day, for the next 27 days and measure the progress at the end.

Join me on the detox journey? Order some Thin Tea today, and you can be just a week around the corner from results when I finish.

The tea, in my experience, is delicious tasting, and comforting, and easy to do. I'm a coffee person. So trying tea is an adventure! I'm most interested in an alkalizing and detoxing effect first, and a weight loss effect second.

Cheers to day 2, and 26 more to go!
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