Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to find a BCA compliant skincare: like Desert Essence

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October is breast cancer awareness month, or BCA for short.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so what you put on it, also goes in it, and is very important.

As a woman, you may not put body lotion on everyday, though most likely, you wash your face, moisturize it and apply makeup everyday.

To help you choose products that don't contain carcinogenic ingredients that could possibly lead to sicknesses:
Watch the labels for:

Phthalates like “DBP,” “DEP,” “DEHP,” “BzBP,” and “DMP
Parabens like “methyl,” “propyl,” “butyl,” and “ethyl” paraben
1,4 dioxane like “PEG,” “xynol,” “ceterareth,” and “oleth”  

 A great product to consider for your carcinogenic free, healthy skincare choices are products from 
Desert Essence.

 This duo is a great basic set to take you from morning to evening skincare and any washes with moisturizer in between!

 I like the wash, it's light, rinses clean, and when I use a wash cloth or skin shammy with it, the product will remove all of my longwearing foundation.

 This helps improve skin clarity and smells so good!

• Hydrates oily/combination skin without clogging pores
• Helps reduce oil and blemishes
• Leaves skin velvety smooth shine-free
Organic Chamomile and Lavender Oil are formulated with the natural antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil to help soothe and calm skin, even while improving texture and clarity. Heavy on hydration and easy on your pores, this lightweight moisturizer controls oils and leaves a matte finish so your skin looks refreshed and healthy.
4 fl oz
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 This has lavender, chamomile and natural antiseptic tea tree oil to keep skin moisturized and clear from breakouts.

There is a vat of useful information on these two websites that I visit regularly to learn more about cancer prevention, and cancer care.

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