Saturday, October 31, 2015

Heliocare® Ultra Dietary Supplement: how vegetarians can stay extra healthy this winter season

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Winter weather and travel and stress can be hard on you! Take a supplement to help stay healthy and strong. I was vegetarian for ever, vegan for ten of my twenty years of forever and had a challenge finding supplements that were vegan/vegetarian. When pregnant, the only thing I craved was a Wendy's Bacon Cheeseburger-and I ate every week for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Now after his birth, ten years later, I have stayed eating meat. I'm ok with taking a non-vegan supplement-BUT- for those of you who want to stay true to your eating plan, consider taking this new power supplement from Heliocare!

NEW Heliocare® Ultra Dietary Supplement contains a powerful blend of antioxidants, including Fernblock® Polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE), Vitamin C and Pomegranate extract. These dietary supplements help defend your skin from the inside out. Like the original Heliocare®, this Ultra formula helps maintain the skin’s ability to protect itself against sun-related effects and aging.* Heliocare® Ultra’s extra strength formula contains twice as many antioxidants as the original Heliocare®.

Take a capsule of Heliocare® Ultra Dietary Supplement whenever you feel like sunscreen isn’t enough or once a day to help maintain youthful looking skin.* After all, if you’re going to eat a vegetarian diet, why not go the extra mile?

Heliocare® Ultra Dietary Supplement is available at select dermatology offices and with an SRP of $72 (36 capsules).

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