Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hard Candy Chrome Lash Tinsel in Sapphire and a lit bit o chit chat paddywhack

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Quick update in video form for you today....
Odd, for nearly ten years Makeup University has been a daily blog and to miss 4 days...4 whole days, was unheard of.
Til now. I'm faithfully moving forward with my project and it's all consuming. I'm still honoring Makeup University and all it's been though posts will most likely move to a few times a week until the premiere date.

Now, let's meet Hard Candy and the new Chrome Lash Tinsel mascara. This fun "add on" to mascara is a great way to dress up your mascara and look for music festivals, parties and the summer fun that is coming!

Enjoy the video and get your own tube of Hard Candy Chrome Lash Tinsel in one of 7 shades... (*or more!)
at Walmart for $6!

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