Tuesday, April 12, 2016

NEW WUNDERBROW on Cara Delevingne at MTV Movie Awards

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Whoa. What a whirlwind of a trip. I'll have some more details on the Azusa Now trip later. As for now, just know that we made it home safely late last night. Got up early and hit the day running!

I did not see any of this award show due to travel, though here are some updates that havebeen shared with me.

I am currently obsessed with eyebrows and styling them-so the chance to check out Wunderbrow is welcomed!

"Brows looking as bold as Cara Delevingne's at the MTV Movie Awards. With WUNDER2's NEW WUNDERBROW, create a perfectly defined brow to compliment the rest of your makeup look".
WUNDERBROW: To recreate Cara's sharp, defined brows, apply in direction of hair growth filling in sparse spots with feathery strokes. 
Once desired shape is achieved, soften and distribute by grooming brow upwards and outwards with included spoolie applicator. This will give you a bold brow that will last for 72 hours. ($22)

So stay tuned while I wait for a sample and then....I'll do a YouTube video demonstrating it!

Stay awesome!

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