Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Some Women Collection by Gerard Cosmetics: a Makeup University book review

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Today's blog post is a book review written by Emily Liebert called Some Women.
The book launch is partnered with a Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss that is tailored to a character in the book.

Meet the Some Women Collection by Gerard Cosmetics! A portion of the sales of the lipgloss will be donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Domestic Violence Center by Gerard Cosmetics.

So far it's a good fast read! The glosses have high pigment and shine with an annoying light.

The Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss colors are;
Wild Orchid is worn by Mackenzie
Salmon is worn by Piper
Candy Apple is paired with Annabel

Enjoy the video and thank you for watching!
Remember to tag your social media #somewomen when you read the book or get a lipgloss!

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