Sunday, April 3, 2016

Head Kandy straightening brush: what the ACM awards and I Heart Radio Awards red carpet looks need

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Today is a unique day in award shows because both the ACM's and I Heart Radio Awards are today.
How did that happen?

So there will be red carpet looks happening on both the East and West coasts tonight. Are you planning to watch?

I have a new book to read and will be catching any highlights on YouTube.

I have this new gadget from Head Kandy to try and I took it with me to Las Vegas to get ready for a weekend on the mic for K&N Filters at the NHRA Races.

Oh the good times that were had!

So here's my experience with this thing. Awesome. It heated up quickly. Got hot to 400 degrees and then I ran it through my dry hair, that had a layering of heat protectant and shine spray in it.

I brushed my hair first, and then ran about one inch chunks through the Head Kandy straightening brush. I did sections and then did an all over brush through to get any areas I may have missed.

I like this thing! It's a bit big and awkward to pack and travel with, though it technically replaces two products in one. No need to pack an extra brush and separate straightening iron.

I did bend and twist the ends of my hair with the Head Kandy to give the hair a slightly turned in look to frame my face.
 That lil twist worked wonders.

Over all, I did this thing! It's available on the website now for about $59.99. Enjoy!

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