Monday, April 18, 2016

Innate Skin: Women's Anti-Aging Multivitamin Skin Support: my journey

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Today, I want to introduce you to a women's multi-vitamin that is targeted for women and boosting the skin's health and appearance.

If you have been on the Makeup University blog with me for a bit you may know that i have low thyroid, that is also called Hashimoto's Disease since Dr Hashimoto is the Japanese doctor who discovered it.

It is manageable with medicine which I take but it has a gaggle of side effects including dry and brittle hair, skin and nails.

So I am currently taking Hair Anew for my hair, and I'm now testing the Innate Skin women's anti-aging skin support multivitamin.

I'm starting today and please check back in 30 days for the update on the results!

Here's some details about Innate Skin and a link for buying it on Amazon!

 To get yours to try, go to Amazon here:

And if you want to read bout the in's and outs of Innate Skin, visit there website here:

And now for a video review too!

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