Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Power Play by Bed Head for Men by TIGI: as used in the undercut

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Oh what a whirlwind! It's so good to be home. There is so much to do to unpack, recalibrate and clean something for gosh sake!

So I am slowly getting back to blogging and life.

This sample came while I was away and I'm enjoying working with my Mancub to get him to use it. He had the most amazing undercut from The Chop Star, my fave hairstylist Star Flores.

Then, the local stylists got a hold of his hair and ruined it! Due to my travel I was unable to get him to Tempe to see Star, so he ended up going to the local coupon cutter and it's awful. Praying it grows out fast.

Now I have this new gel, that's got good hold without being sticky and crunchy that flakes and makes dandruff like litter on his shoulders.

This Tigi BED HEAD gel is just right for those who are wearing the undercut. Which guys, what you need to be wearing right now!

Get this gel at mass retailers everywhere!

And guys, please be wearing the undercut, because it's worth it!

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