Friday, April 8, 2016

TGIF with John Frieda Full Volume dryer & AZUSA NOW

Hi ya Gorgeous!
At this time, I am en route to southern California for a blitz of a prayer meeting trip as I attend the Azusa anniversary meeting with Lou Engle's The Call at the L.A. Colisseum and then south to San Diego for the Fire & Glory revival meetings.

Whoa. Coming back super soaked in glory and ready to take some demon name and kick some devil butt!

So while I am out busy being about my Abba's business, here's a wee video review and demonstration of the new John Frieda Full Volume hair dryer.


So today's video is a demonstration of the new John Frieda Full Volume hair dryer with ion technology.

I'm using a sample brush I received from Conair in their Impressions line to blow out my hair.

You'll notice in the video I switch to a 1907 brush. Watch to see why!

Find John Frieda products at your fave mass retailer as well as Conair.
Or on Amazon...
John Frieda
Conair brushes
The 1907 brushes you get on Amazon

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Fuzzboms 3 by Sebastian Forslund

As always, thank you for watching!

Hey, speaking of John Frieda, have you seen this hot air brush review?

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