Friday, April 29, 2016

TGiF from the Grand Canyon and The Barrel Room

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Right now, the Mancub and I are at the Grand Canyon en route to Sedona. More on that later...

Though on a recent trip to Texas for a Passover Luau, my son and I came across The Barrel room and this video shows what I got!

Thank you for watching the unboxing "wine" edition
from Makeup University. Normally, it's all makeup and
beauty related videos...until now.

To get your own bottle of Israeli wine for your
Pentecost, Passover, First Fruits, Feast of Trumpets of
Trumpets, gift giving or just enjoying life - please go

The Barrel Room
Brian & Lori Kooiman

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
The Smoking Lounge by Hakan Eriksson

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