Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eylure lashes and brows: how to be Coachella music festival ready

Hi ya Gorgeous!
I'm getting ready for another adventure, though it is not at Coachella. For those of you about to descend on Indio California and make your way to the polo field-try having some lashes on hand for a quick day to night look!

I love the brand Eylure for the band on the lashes they make. It's firm but flexible and wears comfortably!

 This is Beatrix the beauty blogger dog-love her! Okay, back to Eylure and the new brow pencils they have!

Eylure makes brow stencils, brow shapers, brow pencils, brow crayons, brow palette, control & shape gel, brow tame & define wax, brow nourishing oil and brow ink. How is that for having your eyebrow styling needs covered?

Ideal for filling in sparse brows for an ultra-natural look, the Eylure Shape and Shade brow pencil has a natural toned colour pencil on one end and a built-in brush tamer on the other. For quick, accurate and professional brows even on-the-go. Eylure's Shape and shade brow pencil and tamer come in three shades – Medium/Light blonde, Medium Brunette/Dark Blonde and Dark/Medium brunette.
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I am using the Eylure brow pencil in Mid Brown. It is waterproof, conditioning and nourishing for a build up of color. Or so says the website.

These are the four shades that are available in the pencil: Black, Mid Brown, Blonde and Dark Brown. There is a firm brow grooming tool on the opposite end, and the pencil is enriched with rosemary oil and vitamin E. These retail for $6.99.

I used Mid Brown to sculpt in a simple brow line. I've been using brow powder for so long, it was interesting to see the different style and finished look that the pencil gave. The Eylure brow wore all day without fading or smudging.
So for your music festival weekend you can apply and be sure that they will  still be on hours later!

Eylure also makes, in my opinion, some of the best false lashes out there! Why? Because of the band. The new packaging comes with a "application" tool, which I've never been one to use, but for those of you who are just starting using lashes you may like it. There is also a mini glue tube in the box to apply the lashes with.

Eylure is a heritage brand 65 ears in the making. The new lash collection has Eylure Naturals, Eylure Lengthening and Eylure Volume. These range in price from $4.99 - $6.99.

Eylure brand products are available at Ulta Beauty, and some Target or Kohls stores carry the lashes.

So get some for your Coachella.

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