Saturday, April 25, 2015

Juice Plus Sacramento conference beauty round up!

Hello Gorgeous!
This time last week I was in Sacramento for the Juice Plus leadership conference! I took some blog samples with me that were just right for travel and doing makeup all day.

I'm en route via Southwest. Thank God! Last time I flew on American and was stranded in Dallas-their fault-and the only way I got out and to the conference on time was an entirely new ticket purchased on Delta! Grr...

Ok, let's meet these products that traveled with me!

 I have the Dancing with the Stars by Norvelle self tanning mitt, Conair "perfect" pony/bun/twisty hair accessories, the Facial Smoothies wrinkle removal strips, Heaven by Deborah Mitchell skincare and some Touchback color shampoo and conditioner!

First up, I arrive in Sacramento and hit the ground running to the backstage set area to get my makeup kit setup and be ready for the first talent!

 I did a quick change from my travel clothes to a work dress and then used the Conair Updo Stick to take my hair from this...

To this! It's so easy to use, and convenient to pack, so it's perfect for a purse to have a quick cocktails hair do or a simple way to get ready for prom! Find Conair Updo Versatility Updo Stick at mass retailers everywhere for under $10!

 I NEVER get sick, though I have been running on fumes lately, over stressed and the highest pollen count in Sacramento ever plus some dust and conference center shenanigans led me to a sicky place!

 I tried the Deborah Mitchell Heaven Bee Bee cream and cleanser, bee polish, and peppermint clarifying hydrogel. I love the products. They are different then other skin care lines that I have tried. The products feel very active on the skin! Good stuff my friend and travel size friendly too!

 Here I am in downtown Sacramento about to visit the Delta Boat for dinner! What a great weekend with Juice Plus. True story, each and every talent that comes through the chair backstage has the most amazing skin! They all take the product and look amazing for it because it heals from the inside out!

 So long Sacramento and Juice Plus! Thanks for the memories and see you in Nashville in the Fall!

 P.S. There are total crop circles in the Nevada desert. Just sayin'...

P.S.S. Follow up...The Smoothies sample I tried in Sacramento but didn't get to take a photo of!

 I like the feel and didn't really see a big effect after one use, but-I think with continued use there could be a lifting and smoothing effect on the skin. It's definitely safer and more affordable than botox!

Finally, I started to use the Norvelle Dancing with the Stars self tanning mitt-which is so perfect for travel, though I got sick along the way and just couldn't manage it.
So I am saving this one for my emcee gig this weekend! I'm so excited to be the host for the National Cheerleading competition finals in Las Vegas! More on that later...

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