Saturday, April 4, 2015

YASOU natural skin care line

Happy Saturday,

Oh Gorgeous, the day is busy with family and friends, bbqing and fun!
I'm testing Yasou natural skin care over this busy weekend and so far so good!

 If you like a natural, holistic skin care, Yasou is for you!

The creme is so thick and rich. It's super hydrating and absorbs quickly into the skin. Yasou can be used by both men and women. It's hand made in the United States and pure luxury. I'll have more to report next week after a full two weeks of use. For now, here's the philosophy of the brand and some information about the three cremes that I am testing. The YASOU skin care line is inspired from the heart, heritage and passion of creator Theodora Ntovas


Natural skin care is a part of holistic healthy living. YASOU combines the essence of natural ingredients and certified organics in a way that offers multiple health and beauty benefits. YASOU creates a new level of luxury in skin care. Our wish for all is to look good and feel good. Like our name, the YASOU luxe skin care line offers you a warm welcome: To your Health! Our commitment to you and our environment.

Natural Cellular Day Cream

Firming and Rejuvenating

Moisture and nourishment is essential to glowing, healthy, vibrant skin. YASOU Cellular Day Cream delivers a boost of key, essential, naturally-sourced ingredients, keeping your skin firm and rejuvenated all day long. This multi-tasking face cream exfoliates, brightens and tones on a cellular level. How? Natural ingredients and a MFA complex combined with our proprietary Calityl-O Complex, stimulates the skin promoting, firmness and elasticity. As well as brightening and boosting collagen. This deep skin conditioning and moisturizing treatment reinstates the health and beauty of your skin, naturally.

Natural Cell Renewal Night Cream

Anti-Aging with Hyadisine®

Replenish and reinvigorate your skin’s beauty with YASOU Cell Renewal Night Cream. Our luxurious cream is designed to work in tandem with skin’s own natural repair cycle while you sleep. Our night moisturizing treatment is designed to stimulate your skin and promote collagen. How? Natural ingredients and Hyadisine® combined with our proprietary Calityl-O Complex turn back the clock on your skin. This formula eradicates imperfections and visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful anti-oxidants fade age spots, firm and plump skin. Every morning you can look forward to a fresher, fuller, firmer, more beautiful face.

Natural Body Cream

Hydrating with essential oils,
vitamin E and caffeine

Bring the spa experience home. For the days or evenings you want to nourish your mind, body AND soul. Pamper your skin with this luxe, Greek-inspired body cream. You’ll Love your skin. This 99.5% natural body cream contains certified organics and our exclusive Calityl-O Complex which benefits all skin types. Look and feel better all day. Men love it too!
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