Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hard Candy Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Palette review

Sunday! Beautiful Sunday!
Oh Gorgeous,
How is your Sunday today?
 Mine is amazing. I had the chance to emcee a cheerleading event yesterday in Vegas and it was just too much fun!

Now I am home, resting and getting ready for the week. There are proms, Mother's Day celebrations, concerts and you name it coming up and you, like me, may need a set of shadows to take you from work to play.
 Meet the Hard Candy Natural Eyes neutral eyeshadow palette. It's got everything but a mascara to get your eyeshadow, eye liner and eyebrows on!

The Hard Candy Natural Eyes Eye Shadow Collection is your one stop for a complete natural look. It includes 9 professionally coordinated neutral eye shadows, our bestselling Eyes the Limit Long Wear Eye Shadow Primer, a mini Take Me Out Liner in Soy and a dual ended eye shadow applicator all housed in a reusable collectible tin. This palette also includes an instructional card with 3 start to finish natural looks, appropriate for any occasion.

 It comes with an instruction booklet on the bottom left corner of the sturdy tin that encases the shadows.
 A creamy eye shadow primer is included and I used it, and like the feel.
 The Hard Candy shadow primer dries down to a neutral tone with a matte finish.

 I'm doing the day look in the instruction book: I start by applying Tease on the brow bone, and I also sweep it through the corner of my nose.
 I'm using a large, fluffy RealTek brush. The pigment load of the Hard Candy shadows is fair. Not too much, but not too light either.
 For the lid color, I use Toying as instructed in the booklet.
 I've switched over to a "name your own brand" brush, it's a bit stiff, but the shadow blends well anyhow.
 Time to contour using Minx and a smaller and softer brush.
 I am following the Hard Candy Day look in the booklet and make a wide, smudgy eye line with Minx as well as run on the corner of my eyelid, into a small triangle shape.
 Finally, I use Minx to fill in my eyebrows, with an angled brush.
 To finish the look I use the black eyeliner that is included in the Hard Candy Natural Eyes kit.
 The eyeliner is soft and does not pull on the eye skin. The kit comes with a double ended sponge applicator, which could be used in a pinch or emergency, though I do not like them. I carry a travel size set of brushes in my purse for just such occassions!

The Hard Candy Natural Eyes neutral eyeshadow palette is gorgeous, wears well, photographs pretty good and is a lot of bang for the $8 buck price tag! Find this and other Hard Candy shadow kits at Walmart or online on the Hard Candy website!

Happy Sunday to you!
Now, p.s. look is finished with out mascara. For the sake of testing purposes I tried this DV Light Up mascara sample that was sent to me...more on that in the next post!

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