Friday, April 24, 2015

TGiF with Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid eau de parfum

Hello Gorgeous!
TGiF to you! Woo hoo! I'm excited and ready for a busy weekend and thank God I am feeling better! I got sick, which is extremely rare for me, when I was in Sacramento. I don't mean a lil bit o'sick, I mean a whole lotta sick! The gross kind.

I love fragrance! This new scent from Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid  line is a sweet, floral that dries down a bit fruity on me. It stays pretty close to the skin and doesn't leave a trail of scent. Which is good in some cases, though I usually like to have a cloud of scent around me!

A .5 ounce size is about $20 and can be found at mass retailers. This is a great Mother's Day scent and remember, the second best time of the year to buy fragrance is Mother's Day only behind Christmas.

Why? Because the gift sets will come with gwp's: a matching lotion or body wash, and maybe even both!

Beyonce introduced her first fragrance Heat in 2010, followed by a collection of editions such as Heat Ultimate Elixir from 2010, Heat Rush from 2010, Midnight Heat from 2012 and Heat Mrs. Carter Show World Tour from 2013. Heat Wild Orchid is a new release that comes out in the summer of 2014, announced as an enticing, mouth-watering fragrance that emits a fierce, feminine energy.

Honorine Blanc, who puts emphasis on an accord of Butterfly Orchid that allegedly possesses aphrodisiac powers, signs the exotic floral-fruity-woody composition. The fragrance opens with a fruity trio of pomegranate, coconut water and boysenberry. A bold floral bouquet of butterfly orchid, blooming magnolia and honeysuckle is the heart. Blonde woods, skin musk and amber contribute to the overall impression of a sensual perfume.
The photographer of the advertising campaign is Michael Thompson. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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