Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Eyeshadows in Cool Plum 10: just right for what you are doing now-prom much?

Hello Gorgeous!

The busy weekend is over and I'm home yet packing for a makeup trip to Sacramento.
Anyone able to recommend a good place to eat in Sacramento? It's close enough to wine country to maybe get some good vino! Recs please!

Now, let's look at today's product review: the purple set from Neutrogena Nourishing +primer eyeshadows in Cool 10 Plums.

Here is the step by step!

The Neutrogena Nourishing eyeshadows plus primer in Cool Plum is gorgeous and can be found at mass retailers everywhere for under $10. Get some!

The first step is to use the #1 shadow which is a bit grey, and apply it to the lid. Not sure what to do? Don't worry. There is a step by step guide on the back of the shadow compact.

Next I use the light pink shadow on the brow bone, and I also run it along the inside nose corner and pop a bit on the tear duct.

Time to contour a bit with the third shadow which is a bit of rich brown and I also used this color on my eyebrows.

Finishing up the eye with the deep plum tone and working it into a small V like shape on the corner of my eye. I also ran this color underneath my lower lashes for a smudgy liner.

Now that the eye shadow is all on, I bet you are wondering what the final look is?

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