Monday, April 27, 2015

UPDATE: #MondayMani with NYC Strip Me Off base coat and Orly Color AMP'D 2 step polish

Tuesday-April 28th-so,  I love the idea of a peel off base, but my experience is that the peel off base peels off at random and it's own will. My index popped off somewhere, and then the thumb and fourth finger came off during making dinner, and finally, the others lifted and came off in my sleep. Uh oh.


Oh so Monday today!

It's also #ManiMonday  or #MondayMani on Instagram and Twitter...I posted these pics there and now want to tell you a bit more about these awesome nail products!

To start with, for the upcoming prom, summer travel, summer concert series-this peel off nail polish base is an easy answer to NOT packing polish remover.

 It peels off and does not peel up any of the nail bed. I was skeptical at first, but I've used it several times and have not had any problems. I prefer one coat of the NYC Strip Me Off base coat.

Now changing your nail effects is as easy as slipping out of your dress!
Work on Wall Street, show on Broadway and then rooftop party in Central Park? As a truly fashion New Yorker, you might want to change outfit for each occasion all day long. Just STRIP OFF your glitter or color polish easily in only 1 step to reveal your nail ready for a new manicure. No remover needed! Yes, now it’s truly possible to add a stylish final touch to your outfit every single day. 
$1.99 at mass retailers nationwide!

Now meet the Orly Color AMP'D polish exclusively at Target!
 Please forgive the cuticles that are like callouses, the wicked hangnail that is ever so painful and the smudge of color. I can say that I didn't quite feel like myself today!

I'm wearing: the pink tone which is LA Selfie ( can hardly wait to get my pedicure done with this color!) and the red is Heart of LA.
 Then I finish my manicure with Step 2 in the Orly Color AMP'D which seals in the color and helps prevent chips. There are so many summer fun colors to choose from so visit your Target  today and get some!

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