Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday: eye creme mania starts with Volante Transformative Eye Creme

Oy, Gorgeous-
I do not get sick. I am robust and healthy. Until I fly on a plane. I wouldn't say that I am fully sick, but I am definitely a tad under the weather with a snot factory in full production mode.

So today I have a few short blog blasts on eye cremes I have tested lately. Why? Because I love eye creme. I think it's one of the products that can quickly take you from dried out, tired, fatigued, dehydrated raisin face to one of youthful beauty.

So meet Volante!

VOLANTÉ® Transformative Eye Crème is specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eye. The luxurious crème contains the patent-pending blend of botanicals, 7 VITAE, which helps reduce irritation and adds vital nutrition to the skin. This breakthrough formula is infused with a new peptide clinically proven to help reduce dark circles, while light-diffusers visibly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.
For All Skin Types
Dermatologist Tested
Fragrance Free
Paraben Free
Petrolatum Free
 My personal experience:
I love this thick, creamy, rich eye creme and how it absorbs quickly and my makeup wears over it beautifully!
Good job Volante! Keep it up! I think this creme is perfect for my age range, it could go older, but not much younger because the 30 years or younger lady won't have as many fine lines to absorb the creme.

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