Monday, April 27, 2015

Leg makeup Monday with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Hello Gorgeous!
I love Mondays!
I have been wanting to try this "leg makeup" by Sally Hansen for some time. I know a gal who swears by it!

So now I've tried it, like it, and it definitely has a different look than a tan. I like it!

 I have two colors: Fairest Glow on the left and Medium Glow on the right.

You can find the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs leg makeup  at CVS, Walmart, Target and Sally Beauty supply stores for around the $10 mark.

 Now on my left leg, it's bare, sans all self tanners. Since my skin is so dry, I put a thin layer of lotion on first.
Then I applied the Medium Glow in a thick streak and set to blending it in with my bare hand.

 You can see where the Medium Glow has been sprayed on my leg, and now in the photo below you can see it blended into the skin.
 Now I am trying the Fairest Glow on my right leg: here it is, weird calf and all from a torn muscle training for Ironman that has never healed right.

 I apply the streak of Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg makeup and then blend in with my bare hand.
 And here is the finished product. Honestly, I like both colors, the Fairest Glow blends to my skin tone better, but the Medium Glow gives me a stocking like color and look.

 Hands down, I don't know why I didn't try this product sooner. It is water resistant. So if you have a busy day ahead of you, once the product sets up on the skin and you get dressed-it wears really well. I wore my two different colored legs to town for some shopping and errands and after a busy day of hustle bustle sweating, my legs still looked stocking perfect even though the makeup was hours old.

If you have prom, red carpet, Mother's Day celebrations or just want good gams for the graduation ceremony, get some of this! There are 5 shades to choose from!
  • Stays fresh and natural looking all day
  • Covers freckles, veins and imperfections
  • Helps stimulate microcirculation for healthier and firmer looking legs and feet
  • Water and transfer resistant

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