Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A HINT of Killer Heat?
13 Ways to Style Short Hair

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13 Ways to Style Short Hair

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Here are photos of our fave celebrity short hairstyles and tips for how to get 'em.

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Oh I need a sip of my hint water while reading super hot novel Killer Heat by Brenda Novak!
On my lips is the Three Custom Color Specialists lip gloss in Killer Heat red!

Destination brides you should get some hint water to stay hydrated during the busy preparations and relax yourself by reading a great book and moisturizing your lips at the same time!
HINT water is unsweetened essence water that has zero calories! I love the blackberry but the raspberry lime isn't too bad either! It has zero sweeteners, zero calories and zero preservatives-clear and simple! Learn more and where to get some for yourself at

Killer Heat is the third installment of this summer's trilogy of books and part of it is set in Arizona! My experience is that Brenda Novak is simply a great storyteller and she writes characters that you love, and some you love to hate! She partnered with Three Custom Color Specialists to have a gloss to match each of the stories and the third is a rich ruby red. I love it!

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