Monday, October 4, 2010

Is that cacao in your teeth? Navitas Naturals baby!
Red Carpet Looks You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes

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Red Carpet Looks You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes

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We picked the brains of celebrity hairstylists and makeup artists to get the steps to re-create these looks in under 10 minutes.

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Hi Navitas, sing along with me to the David Cassidy song " I think I love you"! When a bag of Cacao sweet nibs showed up for the blog I was intrigued. So I immediately opened the lip balm and applied for maximum Cacao nib eating.
Wow! Crunchy! Chocolatey! And good for me! I feel so Peruvian now in eating these it makes me want to put a bowler hat on.

The Cacao sweet nibs are made of organic cacao, some organic cane juice and I'm guessing a whole lotta love though it's not listed on the ingredient panel.

In my area, Whole Foods in Tempe is the closest I can buy some so I'm thinking I better get on the fast track to ordering online.

I'm putting these nibs on my triathlon training nutrition plan because I'm thinking I will swim/bike/run even fast and further when I dip my half a banana smeared with peanut butter into these nibs! Yummo!

Now go look at their website and specifically at the Team Navitas photos because in my opinion that is the best looking cast of characters I've seen since Dallas went off the air. I think they look so good because they are eating these nibs! I want one of each so excuse me while I go order.

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melonie said...

Haha!! Yum!! Now I want some!!