Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank God it's Friday-time to wear blue hair!
How to Glow Post-Summer and Look Appropriate for Fall

See how to transition your makeup from summer to fall

How to Glow Post-Summer and Look Appropriate for Fall

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With these expert tips from MAC Senior Artist, John Stapleton, you'll find how to go from warm-weather to fall-appropriate makeup in a snap.

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So I've been told by my Mancub that since it's the last day before Fall break that he needs blue hair to go to school. Really? I didn't know that about the last day before break means blue hair? Good thing I had some Streekers on hand to color in the tips of his faux hawk.

Streekers ($10.95 each); Select salons and cosmetic specialty stores; ULTA; or
Unique hair colors that allow you to play with dramatic and colorful hair shades safely and temporarily. Created with advanced technology (it’s not a mascara or gel, like other temporary hair colors). Streekers instantly bonds liquid hue to your hair. The formula looks and acts just like permanent hair color, so you can brush your hair without dulling the shade or risking color flake-off.

Now that I know I'll get more colors for other "last days". The good thing about Streekers is that it's a densely pigmented product which adheres to the hair and believe it or not, will last through a soccer game of mad rushing Kindergarteners.

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