Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bee Nice with Bath and Body Works Pocketbac in new Honey Bee scents
7 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage

Want to avoid using the words fried and frizzy this summer? Here are the easiest ways to keep your hair healthy

7 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage

This is a hair care article

When it comes to hair care, it's always easier to prevent the damage than repair it. But healthy hair doesn't have to mean boring hair. Read on to find out how you can maintain strong, healthy hair without giving up your favorite styling tools.

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Hello Gorgeous!
It's still spring but in Arizona feels like summer? It got hot quick!
School is not out yet though it's time to start stocking up and preparing for summer picnics, hiking, travel, and in my world: trips to the waterpark which is the same as saying the daily trip to the petri dish.
I tried 3 new scents from the Bath and Body Works Pocketbac line and love the funy whimsy of the 'bee' line.

The website has a sale on mix'n'match scents $5 for 5 of your choice.
So visit the store, test some scents and then pick up 5. That's one for the purse, one for the back pack, one for the glove compartment, one for the swim/waterpark bag and one for by the bike rack area in the garage.  Or so goes in my world, how about yours? You can get Bath and Body works products at major malls and online at

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