Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss US Latina 2012: pageant contestant Christina needs your help now! Buy a sea salt scrub for your home or office!

Arizona pageant contestant Christina Belloso needs your help now! 

She has already been crowned a winner in a Latina pageant and has a tremendous advantage to take the crown for Arizona in the 2012 Miss US Latina pageant.

Christina needs your help now with fundraising to ensure a successful trip to Cancun to compete.

Please purchase an Awaken Sea Salt Scrub now for just $35 to contribute to her pageant competition.
To order your invigorating aromatherapy sea salt scrub that is moisturizing and beneficial to the body, please call or text 928-377-9872 to order, or send your request by email to Christina.

 Orders can be sent anywhere in the United States via UPS and shipping is included in the contribution. Christina's pageant fundraising runs from April 24-30th.

Goal: 100 scrubs sold!

What business, dentist, doctor, spa, salon, women's group, chamber of commerce, meetup group, charity do you know that could use a botanical sea salt scrub in the bathroom?
Who is getting engaged, married, having a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or thank you/appreciation that needs a gift? The Christina pageant fund sea salt scrub would be great way to do two things at once!
*If there are other pure,safe & beneficial products you would like to order from Arbonne.com to donate proceeds to Christina's pageant fundraising, please list them in your order and the additional monies will be added to her account.

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