Saturday, April 28, 2012

iO Beauty eye concentrate: Sue Devitt has done it again!
7 Ways Makeup Labels Are Fooling You

Newsflash: Not all makeup labels are telling you the truth. Find out what lies to watch out for now

7 Ways Makeup Labels Are Fooling You

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They're all over our beauty products: "Oil free! 100 Percent Natural! Long-lasting!" How true are the claims that so many companies stamp on their bottles? To find out, our experts fill us in on the most misleading marketing lingo printed on the packaging -- and what to look for instead. Here's their shocking list of the top 7 makeup label lies.

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Hello Gorgeous!

Sue Devitt, celebrity makeup artist and amazing human being has created a line of skin care to compliment her line of cosmetics. I've been testing and enjoying my sample of the iO Beauty eye concentrate.

It is so light on the skin and absorbs quickly while plumping fine lines. I wear it underneath my concealer and foundation and it is smooth with fast hydration to the eye skin.

Now you see the purple bottle? I have not tried that yet-but everything I read about on the ioBeauty website says that this is the fountain of youth in a bottle. That it is both a treatment on top of the skin and a treatment for the inside; like a liquid vitamin to be applied as well as ingested. Stay tuned for details on that. In the meantime-please visit the website and watch the short videos with Sue and Tanya the nutritionist who helped develop iOBeauty!