Thursday, April 26, 2012

Custom Nail Solutions: a healthier set of nails for proms and weddings

Hello Gorgeous! Have I found something for you! This is a picture of a finished set of Custom Nail Solutions being started and finished.
 I made a video to demonstrate the nails and when I opened the box and saw how the Impression System is so similiar to getting custom fangs made, I went ahead and put mine on!
Years ago Dnash made a pair  for me-and I've been wearing them to special events ever since.

Now if you are going to prom and want a beautiful manicure that won't destroy your nails. Or maybe you are getting married soon and want to have a set of acrylics put on-wait!
 Before you do-research the Custom Nail Solutions website-they are on to something!

The Impression System makes nails that are easy to put on and take off, don't drill the natural nail bed and most importantly are non toxic and saves you time and money!

I love Custom Nail Solutions!
Now enjoy this short video!

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simmi5 said...

I've been doing my own fiberglass nails for many years. My natural nails have been badly damaged. These seem like a fabulous solution! For people that pay to have acrylics done, the price for them is great. Unfortunately for myself, it's out of reach, which is why I learned to do my own in the first place. Bummer for me, but seems awesome for anyone that has the money. I'm impressed.