Tuesday, September 10, 2013

B. Bronz at the Miss America Pageant 2013-did you vote yet?

Hey ya Gorgeous!
The Miss America pageant preliminaries are getting underway! As a former pageant winner I can personally vouch for the endurance needed to compete and win.  These ladies have put so much into winning their local events and to advance to this level.

Please vote for your favorite here: http://www.missamerica.org/videocontest/default.aspx

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Our team is on-site in Atlantic City this week at the Miss America Pageant.  Spray Tanning began today, as contestants started the "off stage" interview process.

Preliminary competition starts tomorrow, and the show will be live on Sunday night on ABC.

TANNING TIP FROM ATLANTIC CITY:  Many contestants have been here a week already, and self tanners applied before arriving to Atlantic City are just starting to fade, when asked backstage today about what to do about a splotchy chest, Kelly told contestants to make sure to exfoliate and remove old self tanner and spray mist, before applying more product to the skin!

Company founder, Kelly Richardson, will be joined by various NJ based B.Bronz Sunless Spray Tanners throughout the week.
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