Thursday, September 26, 2013

GE Reveal: clean,beautiful light for home, office and life

Hello Gorgeous!
I recently received a "blogger" offer to sample the new GE Reveal light bulbs that are energy efficient  while giving a clean beautiful light.

Below, in my pseudo Andy Warhol'ish photo story are the images of the bulb, the bulb in action and a before and after from the bulb that was in Tinkerbell and then when she is wearing the new GE Reveal.

 It has arrived! The new GE REveal 75w incandescent replacement bulb that uses only 53w.

 No weird light coiling here, the GE Reveal looks like a normal bulb but performs better.

 Here is my night time reading lamp and Tinkerbell is currently wearing a Niagra Conservation Earthbrite.
What color would you say that light glows?

 Now, I have changed the bulb and installed the GE REveal into the tulip shaped light shade.

 Let there be light! Tinkerbell is wearing the GE Reveal and the bulb is a soft white light, perfect for night time reading and I bet if you put 4 of these in the overhead light fixtures through out the house there would be a bright, comfortable light. No neon green blue cast here please!

 Okay, the artist has come out. Yes, it's still the GE Reveal bulb, but I wanted it to look like an eyeball. I creep myself out at night thinking that my cute lil' Tinkerbell lamp is really an eyeball watching me read. Creepiest yet, someone is on the receiving end of the image of the eyeball peering at me. Ahhh!!

Back to reality, here is the beautiful crisp and inviting white light of the GE Reveal with an estimated energy cost savings of $6.38 per year and a 790 brightness lumens. Get yours at local retailers in the $6 for a package of 4.

To learn more visit:

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