Friday, September 6, 2013

NYFW Dermbalend setting powder: how to go all day on the runway with fresh looking makeup

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One of my favorite things about fashion is the sketches that come first before the fabric. There is such an art to the form that creates a gown or piece of clothing.

Photo credit: Raydene Salinas/HPMG

Now to keep you looking fresh runway side, I encourage you to try the Dermablend Setting Powder. If you buff and work it in to your foundation covered skin, you will notice that it wears really well, all day, and if you get tired, dehydrated and your makeup begins to crease a bit, a simple rebuffing with a kabuki brush or soft blending with a moist sponge can re-invigorate you makeup!

Dermablend Setting Powder $24.00 at Ulta

Get optimum results with Dermablend Setting Powder when you use colorless Dermablend Cover Creme. Excess facial oils and creme are absorbed to better hide acne, scars, and blemishes.

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