Monday, September 23, 2013

Savannah Bee Co: lipgloss for the Fall season

Happy Monday Gorgeous!

I recently sampled some new lip glosses in 3 Fall ready shades from Savannah Bee Company.

 From left to right: tupelo honey the bronze color,  mint blossom the pink color, wild blackberry the red color.

The Savannah Bee lip glosses are paraben free, no animal testing, all natural ingredients, no petroleum derived ingredients and gluten free.  The beeswax is a naturally hydrating and protecting ingredient. Perfect for weather changing and dry skin conditions.

Lip Gloss

 These glosses are $21.50 for the trio or $14.50 for a pair.  Enjoy! Now here is a bit about the founder of Savannah Bee Company:

Ted Badge Photo
Beekeeper and Founder of Savannah Bee Ted Dennard
Well, you might say that I love honeybees. I have basically grown up with them.  Now my adulthood has turned into a full-time job working with, and sometimes speaking for, honeybees.
You see, honeybees do only good.  They benefit that from which they take, and they have a very wide ripple effect of positive influence across their habitat.
More than 100 of our important healthy foods – our fruits, nuts, and vegetables – are dependent in varying degrees upon pollination by the noble honeybee.
All worker bees are female and they must visit 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey; therefore, with an annual honey production rate of more than 200 pounds per year, honeybees are visiting nearly half a billion flowers.
The bees’ cross pollination makes plants develop more viable and genetically diverse seeds, providing these individuals with a competitive advantage in relation to  their “weaker” neighbors.  All of the increased yields in fruits, nuts, and foods help to feed the birds and animals.
It has been rewarding being a beekeeper and working with bees.  I hope that in some small way I can help them to survive in this ever-modernizing world and changing climate.

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