Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kyle Keller of "Style with Kyle" & VH1's Tough Love Co-Ed has some tips for you!

Hello Gorgeous,
As we continue today to remember the events and fallen of September 11, 2001, I now have an interview for you from Kyle Keller of "Style with Kyle".

I love her show on giving makeovers to military wives. It's such important work and I commend her for doing it! Why? Because the moms and wives of our military get left behind, home alone, to take care of every detail while their husbands and the father of their children is over seas and in harms way.

I know what they go through as a single mom because I too am responsible for every single aspect of the home and family life. Hence, our annual membership to Legoland!

Now enjoy this interview with Kyle and watch for her on her new upcoming show Tough Love on VH1.

1. Drawing from your experience working with military wives on "Style with Kyle": what are your top 3 budget friendly style tips for gals who need wardrobe help to look professional for job interviews?

 "In terms of "budget-friendly style", I always shop at places like Target or Kohl's. They have great pieces at affordable prices and often have budget-friendly collections by high end and celebrity designers. You don't need to break the bank to find a suit to wear for job interviews...a great pair of black pumps, black slacks or pencil skirt and a crisp white button-down shirt go a long way!"

2. What was the area of greatest need that you saw while working with the military wives on "Style with Kyle"? Was it fashion, makeup, hair?
What would you suggest to remedy that particular area of style concern?

"While working on "Style with Kyle", I found that these women desperately needed my help in ALL areas (wardrobe, hair and makeup). While they were all beautiful, inside and out, they had been taking care of everyone that surrounded them for so long, they didn't have time to take care of themselves! Along with a team of stylists, we transformed these women into chic fashionistas and took them through each process (wardrobe, hair and make-up) step by step, teaching them HOW to look great on a budget, HOW a little mascara goes a long way and HOW to maintain a new hairstyle as maintenance free as possible. It was awesome!"

2a. What can we as a Nation do to help the military wife next door?

"As a nation, we have always supported our troops and when I came up with "Style With Kyle" I thought "We need to do something for the spouses left behind." They REALLY ARE the glue that keeps everything together whether their spouse is deployed or not. I feel, as a nation, that we need to be there for them more. Most wives live in a military community so they can all support each other, but if your child goes to school with a military kid, invite the Mom and kid over for a play date. Thank her for everything she does as a military wife and Mother and supporter of your community!"

3. What is your red carpet beauty must have?

"My red carpet beauty must have is Maybelline New York's "The Rocket Volum' Express" mascara in Vry Black. 3 coats on my top lashes and my eyes look amazing! I NEVER wear false eyelashes...I don't need to as long as I have this mascara!"

4. If you could makeover any celebrity who would it be? How would you re-style them?
 "I would LOVE to give Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley a makeover. She's a pretty girl and is in great shape, but every time I see her on the red carpet, she looks cheap! I don't know if she has a stylist or not, but honey, put the 90's prom gowns away!!! I would love to see her wearing DVF to give her that classy, demure look, or an edgier designer like the up and coming RVN NYC. She needs to wear dresses that hug her curves in all the right places, NOT have her curves falling out in all the wrong ones!"

5. If you could have any designer completely redo your wardrobe, who would it be and why? (This can be a living or deceased designer-because style never dies)
"I would love Rachel Zoe to completely redo my wardrobe because her taste is MAJ!!! I love her because she has this effortless take on glamour... I love vintage and she's the queen of vintage. Her collections are timeless and not too trendy. Sure, as a designer and stylist, she adds a little trend into her collections, but not the kind of "fad" trendy that goes out of style in a hot minute. I just love her!!!!"

 Thank you so much Ms.Kyle for your time in answering some questions for the Makeup University readers. Now, here's a wee bit more on the fabulous Kyle Keller, and be sure and tune in to her new VH1 show "Tough Love Co-Ed".

Touted as the next Jenny McCarthy because of her quirky personality and blonde bombshell looks, television host, red carpet correspondent & MAXIM radio personality Kyle Keller is getting a little more personal in her latest project as the breakout star of VH1’s “Tough Love” (Season 5 premiered August 28th), the network’s most popular reality program hosted by celebrity matchmaker Steve Ward.
A MAXIM “Hometown Hottie,” Midwest-born, Southern California-raised Kyle Keller began her career as a sports reporter followed by a regular guest hosting spot on “The Covino & Rich Show” for MAXIM radio on Sirius Satellite/XM. Kyle’s quick-witted personality then landed her the job of Executive Producer and lead media correspondent for, interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, at sporting events and charity functions, and in 2011, Kyle was hired as the Lifestyle and Entertainment Correspondent for UT-TV, she developed and hosted her own show “Style with Kyle” where Kyle uses her fashion and beauty expertise to make over military spouses. Due to her immense popularity with the network, Kyle then launched a second program “Kyle’s Ultimate Challenge” which follows her as she accepts and carries out viewers’ dares, that have included bungee jumping, finding the best food trucks in San Diego, skydiving, etc.
A natural entertainer, Kyle began performing in musical theater productions at the age of 5 performed in over 100 musicals throughout her childhood. Kyle received the top female vocal scholarship to the University of Redlands and has trained at the world famous Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. Kyle has been continuing to see her star rise, interviewing and working with such stars like Chad Michael Murray, Kevin Sorbo, Andrew Santino, J Valentine, Robin Antin, Abby Lee Miller and “Lord” Scott Disick.
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