Monday, September 16, 2013

Organic Male Sanitizer: for the Zipper and beyond

 Hello Gorgeous!
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Now, this weekend was the county fair and we went to see the 4-H exhibits, eat some fried food and ride a few rides.

Enter, the Zipper. This is a classic fair ride and one that as a young girl in 4-H showing my lambs in the livestock exhibits at the fair, occupied much of my time in between livestock show judgings. This is my son, the Mancub and he saw the Zipper, and kept asking to ride it. I figured, why not?

In my humble opinion, all fair rides and amusement parks are a hot bed of germs and luckily I packed my sample of Organic Male Sanitizer with me. It's a generous size of 3.38 ounces and it will sanitize your hands with OM4's waterless natural hand sanitizer that is clinically proven effective against e. coli, pneumonia, and staph. A unique botanical blend of antimicrobial and healing ingredients will leave your hands feeling clean and hydrated.

That's good to know because we were going to need sanitizer for other reasons other than the Zipper.

Here we are strapped in and secure for the ride, and Mister Mancub has suddenly voiced some concerns about being "caught in a hamster cage strapped to a metal shaped paperclip the size of a building".

By the looks of this picture you can probably guess the outcome of his first Zipper ride and a trip down memory lane for me. As a young girl, my cousins and I begged the carnival worker to spin us more! This time, as Mancub and I tumbled in the Zipper like socks in the dryer, we were both begging for it to stop!
Thank goodness we had the large size of Organic Male Sanitzer with us. We needed it!

Now, for a little bit more about Organic Male skincare for men.

OM4 is designed and formulated exclusively for the unique needs and gender specific issues associated with men’s skin.  Male and female skin differs in several significant ways.
  • Key Difference 1:     Men’s skin is oiler than women’s skin due to the production of testosterone.  As testosterone levels decrease over time, the difference in oil production between men and women lessens, as men naturally transition to drier/mature skin in the late 40’s and early 50’s. 
  • Key Difference 2:     Despite male skin being oilier, men in fact have smaller sebaceous glands than women.  Since absorption occurs primarily through the sebaceous glands, differing rates of permeation must be factored into product formulation and in which medium to precisely suspend each OM4 bionutrient.
  • Key Difference 3:     Men’s skin is 20%-30% thicker than women’s skin.  Therefore, male skin, in general, tends to be more age-defiant than female skin.  A key challenge is to ensure proper skin nutrition due to slower rates of absorption.
  • Key Difference 4:     Higher oil production gives rise to a series of male skin conditions which also must be addressed in product formulation.  Blemishes, acne, large pores and ingrown hair require advanced formulation.  Targeted ingredients are incorporated to build “preventive maintenance” for men’s skin into each product.
  • Key Difference 5:     Male skin is more sensitive than female skin for several reasons:
    • Historically, men’s skin has been more exposed to the damaging effects of the environment.
    • Daily shaving weakens the acid mantel, the hydrolipidic film, negatively impacting lubrication and skins natural protective system.
    • Shaving can cause, cuts, nicks, razor burn and/or PFB (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae) or razor bumps.
  • Key Difference 6:     Men’s skin ages differently than women’s skin.  Male skin becomes gradually thinner with age, about 1% per year as opposed to female skin changing texture and color due to decreasing amounts of estrogen.
  • Key Difference 7:     Numerous clinical studies triangulate the fact that men experience higher incidences of skin cancer as compared to women.  Melanoma of the head, ears, face and neck are only second to melanoma of the upper back in men.   Sun Screen is important.
So, what are you waiting for?  Simply identify your skin type and we have a color coded, four-step collection of products for you, exclusively.  See for yourself why OM4 is the men’s line 4 men of the world.
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