Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hotheads Mini G hairbrush: for Jamie Foxx, Wayne and Elvis!

Hello Gorgeous! Labor Day weekend and I am in Las Vegas at the wax museum with Mini G!

 I love to bring blog products along with me when I travel to test and fit into everyday life.  So here a rew a few photos of the Hotheads Mini G hairbrush with some celebrities!

 There were 3 different Elvis  wax figures. The old Hollywood classic talent were my favorite figures!

Mini G®

Mini G is the perfect little brush. It has 3 types of bristles (black boar, white boar and nylon) and a raised rubber pad for easy penetration. Its compact sleek design allows it to easily fit into any bag. Just $17.95.

Use Mini G to refresh and fluff your hair during the day. It’s also great for removing snags, backcombing or detailing any style!

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